​​​Private Security and Executive Protection/Bodyguard

Our security professionals are among the most well trained and prepared. Each has hundreds of hours of range time and have put thousands of rounds down range. We can meet many of your specific needs.  


Active Shooter Security

It is a sad but true fact that active shooter has been on the rise in this country. Such incidents can occur anywhere at anytime, which is why knowing some key active shooter statistics can help better prepare. Active shooter events most commonly occur in businesses (45%), schools (25%), and government facilities (10%). According to the FBI’s analysis of 160 active shooter incidents between 2000 and 2013, suicide and gunfire exchange with law enforcement end 70% of the events. 

Northern Watch USA will help facilitate security at specific locations based on individual needs. Normally this is due to concerns over to ex-employees or external threats. We can accommodate a variety of needs depending on your specific location or facility. We offer plain-clothes undercover-armed security personnel or even overt security with paramilitary equipment. 


Please call to go over specific options are site security assessment.

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